Our region offers a wide range of possibilities to practise the rural tourism. Its geographical characteristics and the rich architectural rural patrimony do that the Galician offer of houses of rural tourism be singular and one of the most attractive of Spain.


Throughout this website it is possible to locate the establishments of rural tourism and link their websites as well as the ones of the Galician companies actively involved in rural tourism as members of the Project of Integration of Galician Rural Tourism in the Information Society, , whose main aim is to contribute to the technological development of this business.

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CASA DO XASTRE EXTERIOR Dende a ventá Couso Camino Inglés EXTERIOR Habitacion Nº 2 Piscina extererior Habitación Castiñeiros Cás, can futbolero Habitación hortiña que quero tanto Habitación 4 Habitación3 Combarro - Poio / Pontevedra